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The Great Horned Heil

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Who are we?....... OK, I admit it, it's just me (Ed Schilling) and Dad (Charles). This is what we build......................>

At this time we are not building speakers but will always continue to support those who have supported us. I may build some pairs in the future but for now The Truth is occupying all my time.

       Yes, It's a real 2 way. Minimum configuration for The Great Heil.

This is now the best I can do with the basic Horns. It is the ESS Great Heil mated to The Horn. Everything that everyone loves about The Horns just got better. It has made the M2 and M3 obsolete and we'll probably never build another pair. Obsolete because of the small size and the increase in clarity over them and the Horns as well. They sound like a point source....the xover is outboard and a proper one. The Heils reach below 800hz. The 126 is relieved of it's need to play above 600hz and what does "leak out" is the same thing we've listened to for years. Total moving mass of system is under 5 grams. The best part is every speaker we have made can be upgraded easily by a 10 year old and the upgrade is no different than if one purchased them together. I said I'd never make the Horns without the ability for everyone to upgrade to the latest....Those with M2's and 3's can also benefit...I've got a crossover for the M2 modules and the 3's are just 2 of those.
Hand built, single driver (not the GHH!) loudspeakers that are rear loaded, folded, corner horns. Designed to be placed in the corners of the room and capable of  high  SPL using SET (or other flea power) amplifiers.Corner placement is not required but suggested for maximum extension and output. The Horn uses a single (plus a Heil maybe!) 4.5" full range driver (actual cone diameter is about 3.5 inches) and the pair are capable of 98-100db (peaks) in an average size room with a 3 watt ( or greater) amplifier. No restrictions on power. An easy 8 0hm load. Size 30"tall, 11.5"deep, 6" wide.       
The  Horns are now Red Oak veneer. 

    The Horns are $925 For A Matched Pair ( in Red Oak) with Fostex Fe 126E drivers, includes            shipping in the USA.
     The Great Heils add $950 and that includes outboard crossovers and every thing you need to         hook them up. The upgrade is also $950 and includes crossovers and shipping.

We don't build a "speaker of the month" or 150 different models.......we just build two good ones.  I will always make provisions  for  "upgrades" to every single one we
make .
Upgrades available for all Horn owners, call or E-Mail for details. I will never leave old friends "out in the cold".

                              Please take a look at the Review page.

Purchase price refunded (please figure it out within 30 days!) if you are not completely satisfied. Please note that I do not charge a "re-stocking fee" but I do not refund shipping charges or  special finish surcharges.

There are plenty of single driver speakers on the market now. We have been building essentially the same speaker for  over 12 years now. The reason is simple, it works. It worked 12 years ago and it will work 80 years from now.  Many "new" single driver speaker designs  are NOT "new". I rejected most of the schemes for them decades ago. For many reasons.........Please read my why page, it is a start. It's not the driver, it's not the cabinet, it is the package that works.   Sterophile ranked and recommended.  Not a gimmick. The "real thing".

All 126E based speakers are not the same and can not be lumped into one category even though many try to put forth that notion.    There is a reason we build what we do. And our review page and success is the result.  We build "the real thing", not just something that makes noise and has a fancy name.  A single driver speaker is not, or at least should not be viewed as a "gimmick".

There are reasons why we don't build many models.......and it isn't because we can't. The Great Horned Heil is proof of that. Ask yourself, or better yet, ask me why! Bigger is NOT always better, and in the world of single driver speakers this is oh so very true. Or else I would build bigger ones! Think
about that for a while.

The Great Horned Heil exists because, well, look at the thing , that's a Heil Air Motion Transformer perched on The Horn! "The sound clear as light" using The Horns for the bass driver...high effiency with vey low moving mass, what's not to love?
My experience with the Heils goes back to their beginnings. The availability again was all I needed to know....I've not abandoned my principles  The Great Horned Heil is just an alternative that I can live with and in order to use a Heil it must be at least a 2 way. It has a "real" crossover and no, it does not "suck the life out of the music". The Heil plays  wide enough that it mimics the Horns as a point source and the increase in clarity is great. It should not come as a  surprise to anyone that as spectacular the 126En is in The Horns,  The Heil would be smoother and more extended than the 126En . The response of The Great Heil  extends past a (measured) 20K. Of course I could design and build any type bass section but why bother? To be more efficient it would have to be much larger, mms would go up (I believe in the lowest possible),  driver spacing would suffer, and more.  Besides, The marriage is just fine as is......

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Leesville, S.C. 29070

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