The Cube
The cube is a small  "bass augmenter". It's a 10 inch cube. It has two drivers both are long excursion (11mm) and 6 1/2 inches in diameter. One is down firing. It comes with the "Magic Cable" and 15 feet of wire to connect from the (included) amplifier to The Cube.

The "Magic Cable" will allow a speaker level connection
with any amplifier to the sub amp.....even Tri Path and other digital amplifiers that do not have a common ground. This is the only connection I recommend although the sub amp has the "standard" type connection in case you don't think I'm right about which is best.

The design is finished and I'm taking orders now. The price is $700 and includes shipping in the USA.

I'll have pictures of the "works" very soon. This image is the prototype.
Call for details or if you have questions.

Two Cubes